5 Coolest tech gadgets and unique inventions that will change the world

Technology nowadays is so advanced that we can now do once we dreamt about. There are many unique gadgets inventions and innovations that we don’t even know about them. Here are 5 cool gadgets that you probably didn’t knew about and should try them at least once.

1.Inmo Air

INMO Glass

These are glasses that overlay computerized information over the real world safe, smooth and smart technology that features a powerful processor, a side HD camera, advanced optical zoom and gesture control for hands-free communication and information sharing.

You can use GPS to navigate the world around you. You can make a video or take a photo with these high tech glasses. You can listen to music and view the lyrics from the lens there are features for volume adjustment or playback control with just a swipe of hand. Inmo air will take care of your daily schedule as your personal assistant all your memos and notes will be displayed in augmented reality.

These glasses are still in the development phase but you can purchase a prototype or a working demo model.

2.Kaibo Flex

Kaibo flex is a next generation headphone. Kaibo flex works on Bone conduction technology (BCT) which works by sending sound vibrations to your inner ear through the bone rather than the air in your ear canal. This means you can enjoy your music while listening to the surrounding as well.

It delivers crispy clear mid and high pitch sounds and we can’t forget about the bass these headphones provide you a solid bass. You can hear every detail accurately.

They use a technique that keeps the audio only to you and does not leak any sound it  means your music and calls are private no one else can hear what you can. You can control calls, music, volume, and voice assistants, all with a simple touch. It also provide a feature that It pauses your audio automatically when you take your headphones off and resume play assoon as you put them back on.

3.QooCam Ego

QooCam Ego is the a 3D camera that uses a 3D real-time technology and magnetic design to make you get immerse  in your moments. It gives you images with the quality that

makes your virtual experience real. With the detachable magnetic 3D viewer.

First you click a photo and once  the 3D viewer is attached to the camera, the system automatically enters the playback mode, and  you can then see all of your precious memories in 3d.

It features a 1340M mAh battery to keep you going,  and you can upload your photos and videos to cloud storage.


This is a portable wind turbine that is able to collect the power of the air and convert it into electrical energy. It has a built-in battery that is able to store enough energy to charge up to four smart phones and laptop completely it will work in any airy and windy weather condition including winds from 12 to 45 kilometers per hour(8-28 miles per hour).

It  is a portable device that can fit in any ordinary backpack the entire device weighs less than1.5 kg(3 lbs)

You can set this device in as little as 5 minutes.

With this device you can charge your phone no matter where you are with the help of wind energy it is like a revolution of technology to us.

5.Air point ring

This is like a magical ring, it is a ring packed with advanced technological features to perform cool functions.

It is a wireless , air and surface mouse with state-of-the-art optical navigation, touch-sense, gyroscope, and accelerometer capabilities. It is a ring shaped finger wearable gadget that gives you 3D navigation on top of the functions of a typical mouse.

This ring puts all control with just your fingertips making it ideal for presentations, Gaming , 3D modeling , and also reduces fatigue problems that most devices have.

The dual-mode of operation provides endless interactivity and immerses you into a new world of using your desktop mouse as a sleek 3D presentation tool.

this product comes with a rechargeable AirPoint charger

With the help of this device you can sit back on your chairs comfortably or even lay down and browse the internet as comfortably as you want.

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