BPSC Exam Calendar 2023 Exam Date and Result For Various Posts PDF Check

Check Your Exam Date for Various Posts on the BPSC Exam Calendar 2023 PDF .The long-awaited BPSC Exam Calendar 2023 PDF has now been made available by the Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC). Candidates interested in working with the BPSC in one of many available positions may now view exam schedules and begin preparing. This article details the process for obtaining the BPSC Exam Calendar 2023 in PDF format and draws attention to the most crucial examination dates for various positions. Let’s get into the specifics and find out more!

Find Your Exam Date for Various Posts on the BPSC Exam Calendar 2023 PDF

Exam dates for all positions administered by the Bihar Public Service Commission are included in the BPSC Calendar 2023. It’s a guide for anyone who want to work for the state of Bihar. Candidates may easily access and keep track of the crucial dates thanks to the PDF version of the test calendar.

What is the BPSC Exam Calendar?

The BPSC Exam Calendar is a comprehensive schedule released by the Bihar Public Service Commission to inform candidates about the upcoming exams, their dates, and other relevant details. It serves as a roadmap for aspirants, allowing them to plan their preparation strategy effectively and stay ahead of the competition. The calendar is available in PDF format, ensuring easy accessibility and convenience for candidates.

Important dates mentioned in the BPSC Calendar for 2023:

BPSC Exams Prelims Exam & ResultMains Exam & ResultInterview DateResult Date
 Exam DateResult DateExam DateResult Date  
69th BPSC Exam Date30th September 202315th November 20239th Dec to 16th Dec 2023Yet not declareYet not declareYet not declare
Bihar Police service  Exam Date 12 February 202327th March 2023 12th/17th/18th May 202326th July 202311th August 20239th October 2023
Exam Date30 September 202214th November 202229th December 202214 March 202329th March 202328th May 2023
BPSC Development Project Officer exam15th May 202212th September 20228th November to 9 November 20229th January 202324th January 2023 onwards9th April 2023
BPSC Assistant Audit Officer Competitive Examination20th August 202219th September 20225th to 7th November 202225th January 202315th February 202316th April 2023

1. BPSC Preliminary Exam Dates

The preliminary exams act as the first step towards your journey of becoming a government servant in Bihar. The BPSC Calendar 2023 specifies the dates for the preliminary exams conducted for different job profiles. It is essential to mark these dates on your calendar and commence your preparation accordingly.

2. BPSC Main Exam Dates

After successfully qualifying the preliminary exams, candidates are eligible to appear for the BPSC Main exams. The BPSC Calendar 2023 includes the dates for the main exams, which are crucial in determining your final selection. Make sure to allocate ample time for your main exam preparation to maximize your chances of success.

3. Application Deadlines

The BPSC Calendar 2023 also highlights the application submission deadlines for various examinations. It is crucial to be aware of these deadlines to ensure that you don’t miss out on the opportunity to apply for the desired positions. Early preparation and timely submission of applications can give you a competitive edge in the selection process.

4. Result Announcement Dates

To keep you informed and motivated, the BPSC Calendar 2023 lists the expected result announcement dates for each stage of the examination process. These result dates are subject to change, but having an estimated timeline can help you plan your future steps and focus on areas that need improvement.

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Get the BPSC Exam Schedule 2023 PDF Download Here!

Here’s how to get your hands on the BPSC Exam Calendar 2023 PDF file:

How to Access the BPSC Exam Calendar 2023

Accessing the BPSC Exam Calendar 2023 is a simple and straightforward process. Follow these steps to obtain the calendar:

1. Visit the Official BPSC Website

Start by visiting the official website of the Bihar Public Service Commission. The website is designed to provide comprehensive information about the commission, its functions, and ongoing recruitment processes.

2. Navigate to the ‘Examination’ Section

Look for the ‘Examination’ section on the website’s homepage. This section typically contains important updates, notifications, and links related to examinations conducted by the BPSC.

3. Locate the BPSC Exam Calendar 2023

Within the ‘Examination’ section, search for the specific tab or link that leads to the BPSC Exam Calendar for the year 2023. It may be labeled as “Exam Calendar,” “Annual Schedule,” or a similar term.

4. Download the PDF

Once you find the BPSC Exam Calendar 2023, click on the appropriate link to download the PDF file. Save it to your device for future reference and easy access.

Frequently Interrogated Questions

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Regarding the BPSC Exam Calendar 2023 PDF

1. What does the BPSC Exam Calendar 2023 PDF even mean?

Downloadable in PDF format, the BPSC Exam Calendar 2023 details when next examinations will be given by the Bihar Public Service Commission. Candidates may use it to organise their study time and keep track of upcoming events.

2. Where can I find the BPSC Exam Schedule 2023 in PDF format?

Visit the Exam Calendar page on the BPSC website to access the PDF of the BPSC Exam Calendar 2023. To get the PDF, just click the download link.

3. Is it possible to access the 2023 BPSC Exam Schedule on a mobile device?

The BPSC Exam Calendar 2023 PDF is, of course, accessible on any gadget that can open that format. A PDF reader app on your mobile device will allow you to see the file.

4. Do you know if the BPSC Exam Calendar 2023 exam dates will be subject to change?

Exam dates are listed on the BPSC Exam Calendar 2023, however it is important to check the BPSC website often in case there have been any changes.

5. To what positions does the BPSC Exam Calendar 2023 apply?

The BPSC Exam Calendar 2023 includes tests for all positions available via the Bihar Public Service Commission. Exam dates vary per position, therefore interested parties should consult the calendar.

6. How can I best prepare for the BPSC tests listed in the schedule?

Candidates who want to do well on the BPSC examinations should make a study plan, collect the necessary study resources, solve question papers from previous years, and practise with simulated exams. Time management and familiarity with current events are also crucial.


Aspiring applicants for state positions in Bihar may find the BPSC Exam Calendar 2023 PDF an invaluable resource. Candidates can keep on track with their studies and preparations by monitoring the exam dates shown in the calendar. You should check the Bihar Public Service Commission’s website often for any last-minute modifications or revisions to the exam schedule. Wishing you the best of luck in your studies for the upcoming BPSC examinations.


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