Can we make a slow learner successful? How can we improve slow learners?

Are slow learners children from birth or we make them or they become themselves or they do not want to read we will know the answer of all these things in this way

No child is weak from birth, in studies, a teacher depends on a parent, what kind of knowledge they are giving to their child, how they are keeping the child in the environment, what is the way of teaching of a teacher. What is the method of revision What is the child’s own method of reading

How are slow learners and how are they different from children, slow learners are not that they do not know how to read, write, read, write, but are less and slower than other children, their level of understanding is less than other children. it occurs

What are the difficulties faced by slow learners as compared to other children?

A slow learner has to face a lot of things not only studies socially but also personally.

Along with studies for such children, arrangements should be made for extra activities like sports vocational courses etc. Through activity, we can teach children, due to which children will not feel bored and will also feel like reading.

There are many methods by which slow learner children can be made good in studies.

There are many such things by which we can help slow children to study so that their morale can be raised and they can move forward and like children.

The first way is that we should praise such children on the smallest thing, like if we have given a small question to solve and the child tried to do it, then it is the duty of the teacher even if that child has asked that question. have done wrong but never say that this question you have done wrong you do not know anything but should praise him no you have done right you try and you will do absolutely right

Another way is to reward the children, you can keep a gift in the reward or you can also give a cash prize, this motivates the children and makes them more interested in studies, which makes them more interested in studies than before. Motivation is a very good thing by which a child can move forward, it is not necessary that only a teacher can give this motivation, parents can also give it to friends because we do not know when whose motivation will take that child very far. extend to

The third way is what is the child’s expectation, a teacher should decide the subject according to the expectation of their child, now like a child wants to study arts faculty and parents put pressure whether you want to study science faculty then it is wrong The child who wants to study should be allowed to take the same subject and with that subject he will be successful because every subject is equal, you will get a job from every faculty, it is not that a child studying arts faculty does not get a job. the subject is all the same

The next way is by giving small targets to the children, we can help them to achieve their goals, in this a teacher can do it, the child can also do it himself, make a time table of studies, make a target that I can do every subject in 1 day. How much time to give, which subject should be studied at what time, because there are some subjects which we do not understand at all times, try to understand such a subject if we wake up in the morning.

Both the teacher and the parents should support their children, by supporting it means that we teach them how to make notes, how to make time table, which subject is right to study at what time, both the teacher and the parents need which subject they want. Can listen verbally, they should listen to those who can practice, they should be practiced like maths should be explained where children do not come, if parents are not educated then they should be given a good tutor

We should anchor the children to study in groups,

it is a very good way of studying, in this children learn many things, read, write, speak, write, write, become proficient in both oral or written, draw conclusions from each other. Which makes more sense, there is an advantage by studying in the group and there is competition as to who will do it first. Leadership quality also comes.

Along with studies, doing anchorage for other activities

along with their other activities like painting, singing, dancing, playing games, all these activities should also be taken care of. It is not necessary that we can progress only by studying, we can go far ahead with these activities also.

A child should be anchored to listen.

They should also have the right to speak. A teacher and a parent should listen to their child and understand as if a child is answering a question to a teacher, even if the answer is correct. No, but still it should be explained to him that listen to this question again and then answer this question, never say that you do not know this question, he should be given a chance to express his opinion whether it is right or wrong Is

Work burden should be less,

as much as possible, at least work should be given for home Will work only for the name, they will not understand anything

If such children have to say anything, then do not speak in front of all the children in the class, explain them separately so that they do not feel bad because if we tell them in front of all the children that you do not know anything, it will lower their morale even more. Therefore, such children should be explained separately with love again and again, whether it is any subject or any other thing to be explained, this thing will help them to move forward.


As a conclusion I can say this because I am also a teacher that children are never weak from birth, some conditions become such that children become weak, according to me, the basic education of the child is to pay more attention to it. It is necessary because the study of first to fifth is the same foundation as to make a house strong, to make a house good, the foundation of that house should be strong, in the same way we want our child to have a good future, his knowledge should be good. For that, there should be a lot of focus on basic studies.

As a teacher, I would like to say that all our students should be considered equal, it should not be such that children are good in studies, we should pay attention like this, but for us all children should be equal, we should give equal education to all, children should give positive feedback to them. Do not bring negative things in mind

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