How Average students prepare for CBSE 10 board exams?

In this article we are going to discuss how a below average student can prepare for his/her board exam whether it is class 10th board exam or class 12th board exam.

So first of all we know that on which basis we give the tag of intelligent, average or blow average to a student, then I will tell you my definition and the definition of the society, according to which society decides whether this student is intelligent or average.

What is the definition of society, according to how they treat children whether they are intelligent or average?

According to the society, if a student scores from 80% to 100%, then he is an intelligent student and the one who gets 60% to 80% is an average student and the one who gets blow 60% is a below average student. But this is a very bad mentality of our society, due to which the future of many of our children is getting wasted.

What is the my definition, according to how I treat children whether they are intelligent or average?

According to my one student who got 80 to 100 % marks in any exams or many times in exams and on the basis of these marks he thought that similar marks should come in his upcoming exams also and that student keeping high expectation How to do your preparations that he should get 80 to 100% marks and because of his good preparation, he should get the same marks in his future, that is an intelligent student.

Talking about the average student, according to me, a student who has got 60 to 80% in some exams and on the basis of these 60 to 80% results, he has decided that he will prepare for any exam in future. Keeping in mind that only 60 to 80% marks will come, he prepared for the next exam and due to limited thinking, he got only 60 to 80%, that is your average student.

Now let’s talk about a below average student, then he is such a student who came below 60% marks in some exams and on the basis of this marks, that student’s thinking was that in the coming exams also his 60% below. Only the marks will come, his ability is to do this so many marks and thinking this, he prepares for the upcoming exam, that’s why in his upcoming exams only he comes below 60%, he is your below average student.

Some such great tips that by adopting which a below average student will be able to do well in his board exam:-

1.Remove this below average tag from your mind.

You have to forget in your board exam preparation that you are even a  below average student because if this below average student’s world will remain in your mind then you will keep thinking during your board exam preparation that I score just below 60% This has to be done, if you prepare with this mentality, then you will get marks below 60% because your mind will always say in reading that your target is 60% only. So that’s why during your board exam preparation, forget that you are a below average student, just remember that you have as much time as the toppers have to study, if the toppers can top then why you not.

2.Set a target according to your capability.

Do you know what is the difference between the preparation of a toppers and an average and an below average students, be it any intelligent student or you can ask any topper what he kept in mind while preparing for any exam, then toppers you will just say that i first set a target that i have to score 90 plus in board exam and that target is not his top most or maximum target that is his minimum target he thinks i  want 95% then By going, he will reach up to 93 or 94%. So you also set a goal to score 90+ marks in your board exams.

But what do you guys do, you just think that I should just pass, that is a lot for me, when your targets are very low level, then your preparation will also be of low level, that’s why you should target according to your capability. You should also have an idea of ​​your capability that if you put a lot of efforts, you are dedicated, then you can do it with good marks, then a below average student should walk with a target of at least 75% marks, then he will go somewhere 73 or will be able to do it up to 74% marks.

3.Time Management.

So first of all, maintain a proper time table of yours, we do not say that you should make a very strict time table, what you have to do is divide the time, and you are making a time table, make it according to that time. There should not be much difference between the routine of tomorrow and the routine coming tomorrow so that you do not feel that your time table has changed a lot in your routine, then you should follow your first time table for the next one or two weeks. When you are completely accustomed to your first time table, then you start modifying your time table little by little, bring a little strictness in your old time table, work on those breaks that you had kept gradually. Make such a time table, as your exams are approaching, you can do it well in it. Your time table should be flexible because you will not feel that your routine has changed and you will not be able to get into your new routine easily.

 4.Study with full concentration and Dedication.

During the preparation of any exam it is very important that you study fully dedicated because if you will not be dedicated even if you are studying 10 to12 hours but they are of no use. You work on quality, don’t do quantity, what will you have to do if you are studying even 5 hours out of 24 hours, then do not think about anything else at that time, do your studies with full dedication. During this, you will not use the phone and will not do some activities that will distract you from your studies.

5.Study with positive attitude.

A topper is a student, there is an intelligent student, he knows whether he has to top or score high, but what happens in the mind of a below average student is that only I have to pass, if in your mind all I have to do is pass. If it remains, then your preparation will also be just passable, so please read this time with this positive attitude that I have to bring it this time in such a way that even if no one else can tell me, but you can tell yourself that from today you will not a below average student .if you tried so you also want to get good marks.

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