How can we make Math’s study interesting and prepare well for mathematics?

If we talk about the subject and ask the children, which is the most difficult subject, then most of the children will raise their hands, someone speaks for the math subject, I find the math subject difficult, someone says who has made this subject, someone tells me this subject I don’t understand, some students complain that no matter how much we study, our numbers are still low, most of the children like to leave math’s after 10th.

We can eliminate all these questions, here are some ways to practice well, by adopting which you will never run away from math’s.

First of all you should know what is Math.

Math is divided into 3 parts. First part is Arithmetic. Second part is Algebra. Third part is Geometry. You have to find out which part you find difficult. The first way is what is math math’s 1 is based on numerology, in which we do multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, all these things, our parents teach us all these things in childhood, but as we grow up then why some children’s math’s are weak It is because we remember things instead of learning we don’t understand concepts we should understand basic concepts math’s should not be crammed if you have understood basic concepts of a topic then you will never fail to attempt any question

Read math in a systematic way

like if we want to add then first we should know the number then we will learn to add The best chapter is to understand their formulas, you have to remember them so that after seeing the question, you will know which formula will be used in this question, you will not do that by picking any chapter from the math book and you start reading in a way. you have to read

Like you should have all the figures clear for you to read geometry, now like I want to know something about the class, then I should be of its figure only then we will be able to understand it

There is a saying that practice makes a perfect man

so if you practice math’s again and again, the result will definitely be good for you. The more you do, the better the result will be because it is such a subject that you cannot memorize, you can practice any question, if you do it again and again, then that question becomes easy for you, before doing any chapter, you can do its basic concept. definitely understand By doing this your result will definitely be good.

Repeat the topic which is difficult

if you find it difficult, then at least 5 6 questions related to it must be done again and again, that thing comes in our mind forever, we should try which Before the chapter teacher teaches in school, we must see that chapter once at home so that we know a little bit about that chapter and when the teacher increases that chapter, then we can understand that chapter quickly.

Whatever teacher does in school

whether he gets 2 questions, 5 questions or 10 questions, he must come home and revise it so that if you have any doubt, then go to the next day and clear it and you can become proficient in those questions. Do not remain in doubt, then you will not have to remember those questions and will always be in your mind.

By adopting some tricks

we can make the subject of math’s easy, like if we have to do a lot of multiplication work, then we can use Vedic math, because of this, the biggest calculation is done in a few seconds, if we want to multiply or divide then We have to learn tables first, we can also make tricks ourselves to study math’s like there is a trigonometry topic in class 10th, you learn to make tables of it, not you remember it, any question in the exam, if you want to see any value, then you Value it by making it immediately You can solve the question by writing

Keep a record of all the formulas in the math book chapter wise in a copy

so that you can revise them if needed, then solve the questions related to the formulas yourself so that you remember that thing and the formulas will be remembered by you forever. done and then you can not forget if there are more formulas then we should memorize them chapter wise

Understanding that mathematics is a difficult subject, we should never think that we will leave this subject

we not only have to study this subject, but whichever is more difficult, we should do it again and again so that that subject becomes easy like any chapter in math’s. If it seems difficult, then we should do that chapter again and again and we should do that chapter till we understand the concept of that chapter, then we will run away from math’s subject, we will not even say that we should do math’s. The subject is not to be studied, the fear about the subject of mathematics will go away and our confidence will increase

Instead of memorizing mathematics

we should never remember any question in mathematics, rather we should understand it because the same questions are never asked in the exam, if you have practiced the question with understanding, then you will do it in the paper. Because if you understand any question in a way, then any question related to it is asked to you, then you will do it comfortably, that is why instead of remembering the questions in mathematics subject, it should be understood, clear the concept of those questions so that no one also question If you come in the exam then you can do it comfortably

With group discussion

we can do well in the study of math’s subject 5 to 6 children study together in a group, you all also know that we can solve a question in many ways, so maybe the question you need to solve your problem. The way is not understood, it should be understood in the way of your friend, because every child also has his own way of doing the question, someone else’s explained to you, you should understand and by reading together, new ways in the mind. Comes, which makes the study of maths easy

In the end, I just want to tell you that the subject of mathematics is not difficult at all, nothing in life is difficult, if we want, we can make it difficult and if we want to make it easy, remove the fear of mathematics. By practicing the subject and understanding the concept, we should take the subject of mathematics like the rest of the subject, we should never think that we are failing or passing in the subject of mathematics, just we should practice

Last wording

Instead of remembering, we should understand, we should not listen to anyone much, we should believe in ourselves, we should practice regularly, we must prepare five questions because if we do 5 questions in 1 day, then in 1 month we have one and a half hundred. The questions are ready and we should practice our math’s subject with a fresh mind, there should be no tension in my mind, I am a teacher myself, I want to tell all of you only that never be afraid of math’s subject. Do not want

No matter how weak you are, if you study hard and clear all the concepts, then your numbers have not gone anywhere, no number can take away from you, provided you have to work hard, you have to clear the concepts of the topic which you find tough.

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