How to Cover Class 12th Physics Syllabus as an Average Student in Last 4 Months?

Today we will talk about how to complete class 12th Physics syllabus with in these 4 months, if you have not started your studies till September or October, then it is not that you are too late, even 4 months time is too much. It is more that if you want to fight fast to complete the syllabus of 12th Physics, then you can also complete your syllabus with in these 3 months if you are a fast learner. That’s why we have taken 4 months time here according to every student.

Now we will see how we have to study further, what will be our study plan in which here you will get the important topics of each chapters as well as the maximum number of days, for how many days which chapter has to be studied and after that some study tips Learn about how to study physics, what strategy to keep, what mistakes not to make while studying, in 4 months.

What will be our study tips?

So when we talk about Physics, many people come in their mind that from where to read which reference book to follow, then there is only one condition of this problem that from whichever board you are studying, you should first follow the book of that board. Do suppose you are from CBSE board then first read from NCERT book if your NCERT book is complete then only you take help of reference book otherwise keep first focus on NCERT only because your syllabus up to 90 to 95 percent will come from NCERT book only. hardly your 5 to 6 percent paper has become like numerical, application based questions and the questions which you find a bit typical are asked from your reference books. If still any child has this problem that we do not understand NCERT then you can go to Physics that you can follow any reference like this book like SL ARORA, HC VERMA, PRADEEP, etc.

How to deal with NUMERICALS and DERIVATIONS in physics?

Your complete physics is the based on numerical and derivations, in that all the triticale questions come and if we talk about derivations then it is very important for you and at the same time it is also scoring for you, so you should take derivations. But you have to pay more attention, you have to do every derivations three to four times inside physics and if you learn all the formulas of derivation then it will be very easy for you to do numerical also.

If your numerical part is week in physics then you should focus more on theory because in the first part of twelfth physics many chapters are numerical based and the chapters after that are your theoretical based, you focus more on your chapters which is based on theory If you have more difficulty in understanding numerical then do.

Can we make notes?

Now it is very important to talk about making notes , not only in physics in all subjects, you can also prefer online notes in every subject, but hand written notes are better than online because when your exams are near. You are not able to get notes online easily, if you have hand written notes, then you can easily revise them easily and you have to make your notes in one note books and make your notes should be in good hand writing.

Set in your mind that you can do it well in Physics:-

If you have not studied much physics yet, then first of all you have to set in your mind that you will do it, even if you haven’t started studying yet or you have studied, still you are afraid of forgetting things. Self-confidence should not come in your mind, you should have faith in yourself, completely you will leave by doing this, so you have to generate this feeling I will do it, there is no problem, build your self-confidence. and when you set your mind completely, then a motivation will come inside you that yes I can do this thing no matter what happens.

Learn all the Formulas:-

First of all you should learn all the formulas in Physics because if you do any question especially numerical based in your board exam and you do not get it complete and if you solve half of it and you have written its formula right there then there would be probability. Is that the examiners can give you marks by see that formula. Anyway, if you do any numerical solution in physics, then you need a formula to find the value of that question, that’s why you must remember all the formulas.

Download the NCRET offline solutions:-

If you download NCERT offline solution then there are two benefits for you, if you are solving any question and in the middle you get stuck in it then you can directly see its solution from your downloaded offline solution and second if you If you search for any solution online, then your time is very much there, sometimes your Internet will not work properly, sometimes you will be engaged in something else, but this does not happen if you have   offline solutions.

Figure out whether you’re a Morning person or a Night person:-

First of all, you have to know whether you like to read early in the morning or do you like to read late at night. But out of these two times, you must decide one time, if you wake up early in the morning and study, then it is also very beneficial for you because in the morning you will not have any disturbance and your mind will also remain fresh and if you study late at night. If you like to study till then this is also a good thing for you, there will be no disturbance even at night and you will be able to give your full concentration in your studies.

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