How to know if you can really crack IIT JEE being a average student?

So will IIT JEE is tough and it is not easy to score well if you are not following the discipline the time table the structure of course your Physical health and of course your mental health but I want to remind each one of you giving this examination that no matter who you are no matter where you from if you follow the tips that is being told you in this article you will definitely make it and make it big.

What is IIT JEE? What its importance?

IIT JEE Indian Institute of Technology is the dream destination of those students who wants to advance in engineering and technology education because of such a world class educational platform which comes provider of quality education and best engineering education and IIT Delhi work on high positions in India and abroad. If you are doing this, then every student with an interest in technology wants to reach IIT, then it should not be surprising because everyone wants to make a secure and precious career.

But what happens by wanting, friends get it only to those who are deserving. And the question is, who is deserving, the one who performs the best at the right time with the right sprite while keeping the right attitude, although you know that every year you understand that lakhs of students. They become a part of this, but they get the victory, if they have A to Z knowledge about it and the name of this exam is IIT JEE National level engineering exam, which has two stages, one is JEE Mains and the other is JEE Advanced.

Well, you must know all this about it, yet we are telling you once more, JEE Main is such an exam in which the selected students are eligible for JEE Advanced and those who get selected in JEE Advanced, that race. are the winners of the IITs because after winning this highly tough race, they get admission in IIT, every year IIT conducts JEE to select the best student for 4 years B Tech, B Pharma 5 years B Architecture, Integrated MSc and MTech course.

Well, you must have known about what is IIT JEE and its importance, but today again a main reason has been done to tell it to remind you that the competition is very high in this exam, it is very tough, the ignition will not work at all without strategy selection. Chances cannot be made and even if there is no motivation, things will not work, so remember that both your effort and intention should be firm, if you share that your intentions are strong, then in today’s article we will tell you that one How the average student cracks IIT JEE?

Let us know,

 What things an average student should keep in mind while preparing for IIT JEE exam, so that his preparation can be good and mistakes are less?

Start Preparing at the right time:-

Suppose your aim is to clear IIT JEE in the first attempt itself but you have to start preparing for it well in advance and if you are doing consistent practice for a long time then you will not face any further problem as your syllabus is also completed. You will get sufficient time to solve your problem sort out and your notes will be well maintained then tell whether it will be easy for you to crack the exam or not. So for this you start preparing for JEE from class 11th itself and if you start preparation before that then it will be easy for you to follow the time management discipline and routine which is the basic requirement to clear this exam.

Understand the Syllabus well:-

First of all, understand the syllabus well, consider that you do not want to waste much time while preparing, but you cannot do anything without checking the syllabus without understanding it properly, then it will not be the right way for your preparation because preparing for the exam. Before starting, you should know what is coming in the exam, what type of questions will be asked, so understand your syllabus well, keep a copy of it on the study table with you  and after that think of getting ready because many times students skip this major step in a hurry but you will not make such mistake at all.

Keep in mind the marks and Weightage:-

While studying the syllabus, you have to understand well that how much is the chapter vice weightage because for each chapter the marks release is different and it doesn’t matter how much knowledge you have but this thing is more important for the exam. It is that how well you are covering the syllabus, so focus more on the unit with height weight age and then on the low weight age chapter.

Like in JEE Mains,

 Physics Optics has 10% weightage, Electronic Devices has 14% weightage while Gravitation has 2% weightage.

Similarly, Maths has 15% weightage for Coordinate Geometry and 3% weightage for Mathematical Reasoning.

In chemistry, organic compound containing oxygen has 6% weight and surface chemistry has 1% weightage.

Over all you have to walk high to low but it does not mean that you should study only high weightage because you have to cover the entire syllabus.

Select the High Study Material:-

Best preparation for the exam does not mean that you have to read a lot of books. The best study method of the exam is that you should choose the right book and the right study material for your exam, in this NCERT books will prepare your base and subject and topic. According to you, you can refer the reference book so that the chances of getting confused do not increase.

Where we tell you the names of the subject wise reference books such as:-

Best books for physics are HC Verma’s Concepts of Physics Volume One and Volume Two, Halliday Resnick and Walker Fundamentals of Physics, DC Pandey Understanding Physics, and etc.

Best books for maths are R.D Sharma, Exemplar, etc.

Best books for chemistry are O.P Aggarwal IIT chemistry, Dr RK Gupta textbook of physical chemistry, etc.

Have a Proper Time Management:-

Managing the time properly for the preparation of the exam. Time plays a very important role, if you have made your proper time table for the preparation of the exam, then it is very good for you and in that time table you have to see that you give particular time to your particular subject. Give equal time to the subject, not that you are studying your favourite subject mostly. Give some time to your weak subjects also.

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