How to learn hard subjects easily

No matter what course you are studying no matter in which class you are you might find a subject hard to learn or understand. We all have that one subject that we refrain from studying . Here are some steps to make that subject easier to learn and understand.

Be determined

The first thing required is determination. If we dislike something or find something hard we keep procrastinating and never really try to put our efforts in studying what we find hard. You just have to go for it.

Take small steps and start from Basics

If you are finding a subject or topic hard it means the basics of  that particular topic or subject are not clear properly.

Suppose you find chapter on trigonometry difficult ,So, first start with some basic concept of that chapter, understand the concepts and solve some questions of that particular topic.

Once you feel confident move on to the next topic of that chapter.

Remember one Thing that you wont get it all in one day.

Make your own notes

Try to take your notes in your notebook  by yourself rather then taking someone’s notes or typing your notes somewhere. Try to make your notes in a simple way which may be easier for you to understand.

Make flow charts and Mind maps

Flow charts and Mind maps help to break big information in small parts. They are also easier to learn and understand in comparison to big paragraphs. With this you can visualize the information and help you conceptualizing the topic .

Use of mnemonic devices

A mnemonic device is a type of memorizing technique which helps to learn and recall information easily and quickly.

For example if you want to remember name of planets of uor  Solar system (MERCURY, VENUS, EARTH, MARS, JUPITER, SATURN, URANUS, NEPUNE) you can use  My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nuts. Mnemonic devices are very helpful use them where ever possible.

Try to make connections with real world

Always try to connect things practically to real world around you it helps you to understand things and retain that information easily.

For example: You are studying about indicators of acid and bases find some natural indicators around you like turmeric is a natural indicator it changes it’s yellow colour  to a redish colour when it comes in contact with soup solution which is  a base try to do some fun experiments with it and find our some other bases which you are using everyday.

Try different ways

Learn the same information in different ways. You may read the concepts from the textbooks, you can read the same information by your notes if you are still not abel to understand then read more about them through online mediums or watch a video of that particular topic.

Give extra attention and time to that subject

You know for sure that you struggle learning this subject then you have to alot some extra time for It 30-45 extra minutes would be sufficient enough to make you understand and learn the subject more easily.

Ask your queries

Don’t be shy to ask your queries to your teacher getting someone else to explain you might help you learn faster. If your queries are still not clear then you can find your answers online.


Revision is as important as learning information.It helps you keep  that information in your mind and retain something if you forgot it . For example on Monday  you studied a topic then after 1-2 days that is Wednesday or Thursday revise the same thing .

Test Yourself

Take practice test ,quizzes do previous year questions of the same chapter. These test can show you where you are struggling they will help you to find your weak spots and then you have to  make them strong by revising the concepts and practicing. You can find a lot of practice test and quizzes  online.

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