Procedure to attest your documents and reasons why you cannot attest…

MEA attestation is the process of obtaining a verification stamp from the Ministry of External Affairs in order to attestation your papers. Because this central department deals with external issues, or anything linked to foreign nations, it is important to validate your papers and certifications from the Ministry while seeking certificate attestation in India. The External Affairs Department in Delhi was once in charge of centralized attestation. By just clicking birth certificate  gives you all the online available services at reasonable cost with its quick way.

Reasons why you could not authenticate your documents

They cannot authenticate your documents under the following reasons:

  • Papers lacking an original signature or seal (for example, ordinary photocopies)
  • Papers with an unknown signature or seal on which we are unable to authenticate the religious documents (e.g. certificates of baptism, religious marriage certificates or other documents issued by a religious institution)
  • Papers copied from an unknown educational institution
  • Documents laminated
  • Papers that have been coated with a chemical that makes it difficult to apply a stamp

They can refuse authentication if:

  • Your document’s content is dishonest, and
  • Authentication document or process is being utilized for fraudulent, unlawful, or deceptive purposes (we may ask the relevant law enforcement authorities to investigate suspected cases of fraud)

Authentication and legalization of documents

The Consular Affairs Division is prepared to help in the authentication and legalization of specified papers once the nation in which they are to be used has recognized them as such.


  • The Ministry attests or certifies that the signature and stamp/seal on the document are those of the person authorized to sign on behalf of the organization that issued the document, and that the document itself does not appear to be fake.
  • Some countries follow the procedure of document authentication known as legalization. If you plan to use a document outside of the country, local authorities may need it to be legalized before it can be accepted.
  • Each nation has different legalization criteria based on the type of document being authorized and its intended purpose.


  • This is the process by which the Consular Officer in the Embassy, High Commission, or Consulate representing the government of the country where the document is intended to be used certifies that the signature and stamp/seal of the authenticating officer of the Ministry of Foreign.
  • After the Ministry of Foreign and CARICOM Affairs has verified the document, this is done by Embassies, High Commissions, or Consulates based in Trinidad and Tobago.
  • The Ministry also attests to papers originating in Trinidad and Tobago that have been verified by a Consular Representative in a Trinidad and Tobago Embassy, High Commission, or Consulate.

Hence, all of the above all the certificate and documents like as – birth, marriage certificate attestation can be done in a very easy and fast way by just one click. They also provide online services through call or mail without visiting directly there.

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