What are the problems due to which our Indian education system is so behind?

When it comes to Indian education system, there is something missing in the Indian education system, perhaps the reason for India’s backwardness in the Indian education system is its education system, what changes will have to be done in our education system, today we will discuss on this topic. Because if a country has to be successful, it has to go very high, then the education system of that country should be very good. we will discuss that

Why our Indian education system is so behind

The first problem is poverty, there is still a lot of poverty in India, especially in the village even today people do not have enough money to educate their children, not good schools It is not a good college, even if it is so far where it is difficult to go, there is still a lot of trouble for education in the village than in the cities.

The second problem is the system of education, we are focused only on reading and in which field the child has a tendency, it does not make any sense to study only and to study only to get the number, whatever it is to bring it to the schools as well. Year is the paper of the paper, whether the child has understood something or not, the teachers keep taking the paper throughout the year, according to me, the education system should be such that it should be according to the interest of the children, the area in which they are interested. the same education systems should be adopted

The third problem is competition. In this era, there have been so many competitions, so much competition has increased, they do not understand what they have to study; There is a lot of problem in doing what education they should take so that their future can be made, there are many subjects but the problem of right choice is that which is the subject which will be useful in their future and can become their future.

The next problem is the reservation system, the country became independent, everything started getting better, the education system also improved, but the problem of reservation remains the same even today, whether it is the place of education or the place of job. is there discrimination

The next problem is that the main purpose of education is to get a job, is the purpose of education only to get a job, not under education, we take knowledge of many things, but in the pursuit of a job, we leave those knowledge and focus only on the job, due to which we get a lot. missing out on all knowledge

The next problem is the education taken is not conducive to the job, this is the shortcoming in our education system, we never get a job based on what we study, first spend money in studies then do any course after that still not a good job That is why our education system should be improved, education should be such that it is suitable for the job.

The next problem is teaching is not a profession, now today’s teachers have made education only a means of earning, first from the school coaching center, it does not matter to them whether the children are understanding or not, they only have their money. By means they should not do this, a teacher is considered to be the god of knowledge, should give knowledge

Structure of Education System Our education system is divided into two parts, the first is school education.

  1. Pre Primary Education including Pre Nursery Nursery LKG UKG Classes
  2. The second education is from class I to VIII, which we call primary education.
  3. Class IX and Class X comes in the third education, which we call secondary education
  4. In the fourth layer comes 11th and 12th class, from which we speak Higher Secondary School

The second education system is what we call the university education system.

  1. Graduation comes in the first layer under which your BA, B.Com B.Sc., B. Tech BBA BCA etc. courses
  2. Postgraduate studies have been included in the second level in which studies like Ma MSc M.Com MTech MBA MCA etc.
  3. The last level is the study in which we do PhD, by doing this we put a doctor in front of our name. PhD is different for every subject

What are the factors that have not been included in the education system, it is only their hobby, we can also make our interest a profession like playing sports, photography, acting, music, etc. Why don’t we take interest in our education system as a diploma course? Bring this reform should be in our education system because some children are not ahead in education, they can earn money from all these things which we also call diploma course

At least how much money can we spend for education, every parent wants my child to become a very good person by studying and writing, no matter how much money he has to spend and even if the child does not succeed in spite of that, the parents will be very sad. It is as if the parents have to sell them till the house to get the medical engineering done and later if the child is not successful then it is very sad, that is why some such courses will have to be brought in the education system in which money is less and the job is also good.

What should be done in our education system?

  1. There should be equality in education
  2. Education system should be according to the interest of the child
  3. Emphasis should be placed on practical education except for possessive education
  4. The subject on which the child is more interested, the child should be studied on the same subject.
  5. In the education system, the focus should be on the knowledge of the subject, not on the number
  6. The main objective of a teacher is to make his student, to give him knowledge, to give him all the knowledge related to his subject.
  7. For those students who are not interested in studies, the government should take out vocational courses which will help them in their jobs in the future.
  8. Technical education should be promoted
  9. Changes should be made from time to time in the teaching systems which should be according to the time
  10. Our education system should be such that not only the business job management course based on C subject should also be arranged on it.

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