What is Ranks and Work of IAS, IPS, IES and IFS and What is their salary?

Today we will talk about the biggest exam of the country, only those who have a big dream and want to do something big in life, most of the students dream that they become IAS, IPS, IES and IFS officer in the future. But they do not know about the salary etc. of these officers and are confused about all these things, today I am telling you the difference between IAS, IPS officers, people are always confused about them.

Defference between IAS and IPS?

There is also a lot of difference in their work and salary, all these officers are selected after passing the Civil Services Examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission means UPSC.

What is IAS?

IAS means the top ranked candidates in the Indian Administrative Service (UPSC) exam are made IAS. IAS officers are posted in the district as district magistrates and collectors after a few years of service, usually 16 years of service in some states. An IAS officer leads 1 entire division in the state as Divisional Commissioner.

At the highest level, IAS officers lead entire departments and ministries of the Government of India. IAS officers get the laws made in Parliament implemented in their areas, as well as play an important role in making new policies and laws, officers can also become cabinet secretaries, under secretaries, etc.

What is IPS?

IPS means after passing the Indian Police Service (UPSC) exam, one has to work as an assistant superintendent of police for 2 years, while working the responsibilities of the officer are equivalent to that of the superintendent of police. their main function is to prevent and detect crime, while working as an assistant superintendent of police, they are accountable to their superintendent of police, the director general of police is the head of the state police force by promotion from SP to IG, DIG are made up to DGP. IPS  go with Quality and Fearless IPS work to Enforce The Law Properly.

What is IES?

IES means Indian Engineering Service or see the technical function of the government, the special thing is that for other officers only graduation is required but for IES scholars are required to do engineering. IES officers work in the department of civil engineering mechanical engineers.

What is IFS?

IFS means Indian Foreign Service is a body of professional diplomats of India or the service is part of the Central Services of the Government of India The Foreign Secretary of India is the administrative head of the India Foreign Service. IFS officers become IFS officers after 3 years of training to clear UPSC, work in matters related to IFS officers.

Let us know what is the salary of all these officers:-

What is the salary of an IAS officer?

Talking about the salary of an IAS officer, it is based on different institutions such as junior scale, senior scale, super time scale, pay scale has different pay bands IAS officers are also entitled to 40% of HRA officer base IAS officer salary increases on the basis of cabinet secretary apex super time scale.

What is the salary of an IPS officer?

Talking about the salary of an IAS officer City Health Care Services, Lifelong Pension, Residence Service Quarter, Transportation, Domestic Employees, Study Leaves and many other facilities given to IPS Officers Salary is given on the basis of their post like IG, DIG, DGP.

The starting salary for IPS officers, IAS officers, IFS officers, IES officers, and other officers in the Indian civil services receive the same salary. They start off at a monthly salary of INR 56,000.

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