Which are the 6 strategy tips you will include in your study routine, then you will be able to score well in your board exam

Today’s content is specially dedicated for the student who are going to give the board exam this year and they are in a very confused state whether to read, how to study, when to read, today we are going to do a complete discussion about the strategy. By adopting you will be able to score well in your board exam and give your hundred percent.

Which is the 6 strategy tips, which you will include in your study routine, then you will be able to score well in your board exam:-


See, first of all you have to know your date sheet, when is our exam, how many days there is a gap in it, we have to know all these things, then on the basis of the date sheet, you have to make your further strategy, which means that the subject of which Examination is your first, you have to complete the syllabus of the subject in advance because we will not be able to do the preparation of those subjects later or what we will get in them and the subjects in which there is a gap, let’s assume like 3  and 4days even more So we mean , we can cover 10% or 5% of the syllabus of any subject in that gap.

How will we get according to the date sheet, the subject which does not have a gap of many days, there is a gap of only 1 or 2 days, its preparation We have to complete it in advance and the subjects which have a gap of 3 to 10 days, if their syllabus is 10 to 15 percent, even if our syllabus is not complete, then we can complete them in their gaps.


Now let’s talk about time management, you have to do your study by making your own time management, you have to give time to each of your subjects, not that your favorite subject, you are just going to study it and do not pay attention to any other subject. You have to give a lot of time to each subject and you have to focus more on your weak subjects  and you do not have to waste much of your time like talking with friends, in parties, in travelling you have to utilize that time for your exams.


We do not have to focus completely on our one subject, we have to study at least two to three subjects in 1 day, 3 subjects is the maximum, if we are not able to do three subjects then at least 2 subjects then we have to study in 1 day. We have to study, it is compulsory, we do not have to focus only in math’s, in accountancy, in physics. We have to focus on all subjects.  we have to study at least two subjects every single day and we have to give minimum 3 hours to each subject, so you can understand that from 8 to 10 hours so we have to study if your aim is  to score 90 to 95% in your board exams.


Now let’s talk about our fourth point, which is the focus turn on revision, it is very important because children complain many times that our 80% and 90% syllabus is done but we feel that we keep forgetting your previous syllabus. What is the solution for this, there is only one solution that you have to do revise your syllabus time to time  and for this you make a routine like you revise every Sunday or before reading anything new. Come on, one day you have to fix it, the day you just revise your last syllabus. That day we will not learn anything new, we will revise whatever we have learn in our whole week, so your revision plays a very important role here, if you are a good student, if your syllabus is completed quickly. You must revise your syllabus at least three to four times before your exam and it will help you a lot in your exams. If you have revised your particular subject three to four times before your exam then no examiner can stop you from scoring 90 plus.


It is very important for you to know the pattern of your exam because many boards like CBSE ICSE and STATE boards. keep changing the pattern of their exams like sometimes MCQs are included, sometimes case studies such questions are included and the syllabus has also been reduced. And all these types of sample papers are available in your market, you can buy them and know the pattern of your exam from them too, so please if you do not know the pattern of your exam, what is going to come this year, what type of questions will come. If you are, then you can do previous years question papers if the pattern has not changed this y4ear.


Now let’s talk about  last point but not the least which is just do your best which means you have to give your best, you don’t have to think that I will be able to do this well, will I be able to become a good percentage or not, just give your best in your exams Yes, if you give your best, you will automatically score your best. You guys have to keep your preparation best because what you are studying never goes to waste because whatever you are studying, you will get 70% to 80% of your course. you’re gonna get into it.

And you people don’t have to study just for examinations, 4you have to study to improve your knowledge and life, simple logic is that we don’t have to study just to get good marks in board exam, we have to study our life. you want to get good marks, for that whatever is your subject, whether you like it or not, give your hundred percent in it, you should focus that you have to do well in examinations so that you can get admission in good college and to make a good earning after your college.

So the simple thing is that you don’t have to waste much time thinking about what you are best at, give a little good bye to social media because the more you stay on social media, you will get to hear thousands of opinions, some of which will be wrong. Will be right and due to all this your mind can be diverted so that you will not be able to give your hundred percent.

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