Which type of study method students prefer in India online or offline?

Online education vs Offline education, if you read this article till the end, then you will be able to decide for yourself which study method is best online or offline and if we talk about students of all over the world. If you go, the majority at students choose offline study, but the demand for last 2 to 3 year online education is also increasing a lot. and before there will be further increase in the future, it is quite famous and normal to study online for some professional courses like CA and ACCA.

Now we will talk about both types of education online and offline, what are its disadvantages and what are its advantages. This article is very useful for all the students, we will know about 8 points related to the student in this article, which can also be the need of some students, problem or choice and then we will know which one to solve these problems. and what type of study method is best online or offline.


Online classes Offline classes is very flexible in its comparison, you can take online lectures at any place at any time and in any dress, but on the other hand, for physical classes, you have to go to college, university institute, physical class, its time is fixed. And till 12th class you have to go in uniform too. So online classes are best in terms of flexibility.


You attend online classes alone and thus you do not interact with other students whereas in case of offline classes, students meet each other due to which communication skills are improved in students and confidence in students is also built if you have lack communication skills and confidence then offline classes are best for you as compared to offline classes.


Science subject also have practical’s and practical’s need to have operator which is usually not present in homes so you have to go to any site LABORTRY and LABORTRY access is just offline study method not reach force so if you If you are practical then you should prefer offline education for practical’s, with the help of which you will be able to get good knowledge.


Online classes fee is much less in comparison to offline classes and the fees for professional courses are less by 40 to 60% in online cases because online classes do not cost rent, electricity and maintenance etc. and your traveling expenses are also saved, so if your financial condition is week then you should go towards online classes.


Good features are not available on Such places and on village sites, there are very few colleges and universities and some students want to study privately, so in this case online education is a very good option for those students, you can get online education from any place. And you can also study from the teacher of your choice, if you also live in such a place, then you should definitely go towards online classes as compare to offline classes.


In case of online classes, you have to take your own responsibility, you have to become a discipline yourself, whereas in case of offline classes you are studying under the supervision of the teacher and in physical classes, you work happily or out of fear of the teacher. It is important to do it basically so if you are responsible and have self discipline then you should go towards online classes other wise you should study offline because in offline study you will be under teacher’s supervision if you do not have discipline So by being under the supervision of the teacher, you will also learn the discipline.


The point is very important, in our countries, from the very beginning, the study is done through physical classes and we have a habit of going to school and college to study and therefore many students do not understand the online classes, if you are also a student like this then You should go towards Physical classes if you understand the online classes then you should go towards online education. Online lectures also save your time, you can speed up the speed of the video and apart from this, if you do not understand any topic, then you can also watch the lecture again and in physical classes if you take leave due to any reason then your lectures. If I fall asleep then you can never attend again but if you study online if you are not able to attend the lecture on some day due to being busy and some other reasons, then you can attend the same lecture on the second day. this is also a plus point of online classes.


For Requirement Physics classes, you have to go to college, university, for this you must have a convention and on the other hand, for online classes, you must have a computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, with internet connection, whatever is available with you, now you can coding your own. Can use online or offline last.

Count whatever points are related to you out of these 8 points and see whether the solution of most point is possible from online education or from offline education and select whichever solution is possible.


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